Private Sector Department

The Private Sector Department manages a wide range of services for private sector businesses and private nonprofit organizations. The services cover development and technical issues. The Department also monitors the funding opportunities for support for projects covered by the Structural Funds but also other sources of public or private funding and proposes solutions that utilizes financing tools. The aim of these services is to support customers' investments efforts, to solve problems, to meet their needs and to assist them in the exploitation of growth prospects.

It covers services such as: 

• Sustainability studies
• Techno-economic studies
• Business plans
• Funding opportunites under National and/or European Funds
• REACH advisory services. TALOS provides advisory services on the regulation of chemicals. Talos provides practical advice and guidance for companies to meet their obligations under REACH.
• Support to those companies that have to comply with the new BCP.
• Support for the preparation of the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) in EN, EL and DE according to the CLP Regulation.
• Implementation of ISO standard management systems (ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 22000)
• Implementation of Good Industrial Practice (GMP). GMP is a system that ensures that products are produced and tested consistently to quality standards. These systems are designed and applied to a range of companies from cosmetics and pharmaceutical production to food industries.